Recognizing Your Emotional Eating Triggers

by Travis Sago on June 27, 2011

emotional overeating

When a person formed a pattern of reaching for junk food any time that stress levels and emotions are running high, it is referred to as emotional eating. When they make the decision to lose weight and attempt to change this type of behavior they must take the time to learn how to recognize the emotional eating triggers that are responsible for causing them to overeat.

Sitting down with a paper and pen in hand to write down each of the situations that cause a person to eat during stressful times when emotions are high is often rather easy for a lot of people. The hard part comes in when it is time to begin changing the old behaviors that they have formed. The men and women that are used to giving in to their emotional eating triggers and have done so for quite a few years will often find this particular challenge much more difficult than a person that has just started this bad habit.

Once you have taken a long hard look at the emotional eating triggers that have taken over your life, you can then begin to replace the habit of reaching for food with a much better and healthier action. If there are times you face that are completely overwhelming and you feel like you cannot resist the urge to eat, make sure that you reach for healthy snacks like carrot sticks, an orange, or other type of fruit or vegetable that contains a high level of the essential vitamins and minerals. The key is to stay completely away from the foods that are known for their power to pack on the extra weight.
There are many men and women that are able to get through times they are experiencing emotional eating triggers without reaching for food by grabbing one of their favorite books instead. Keeping the hands busy during these times is important. Activities like crocheting, playing cards, working word search or crossword puzzles have also been found to help a great deal.

Another important aspect of successfully learning how to ignore emotional eating triggers that have had their hold on you for years is to make certain you have a caring and helpful support system. Close friends and family members can provide lots of help during stressful times that you feel you are going to give in to the urges you are experiencing. Many people tend to also find that they can often suggest other helpful tools to win the battle against the emotional eating triggers that provoke the unhealthy habit of reaching for junk food.


Lose Weight Fast and Healthy

by Travis Sago on June 25, 2011

lose weight fast

There are possibly more people today than any other time in our history that are becoming conscientious about losing weight and the overall condition of their health and well-being. This has also sparked the interest of many people to discover effective methods that give them the ability to lose weight fast. While losing excess pounds quickly is possible, while doing so it is important to take the necessary steps to maintain good health of the entire body at the same time.

A Common Mistake Often Made When People Shed Pounds Quickly

There are countless techniques, tips, and tricks that can be found in just about any place that you look, including numerous options on the Internet. A common mistake that quite a few people make while trying to lose weight fast using various techniques is they do not make long term changes to their current lifestyle. What generally happens is a person will commit to a crash diet or other type of fad diet just long enough to lose a few quick pounds. Then, they go right back to their normal eating patterns.

Changes Must Be Made to Your Lifestyle to Lose Weight Fast and Keep it off

Common sense will tell you that if a person returns to their old eating habits after they’ve successfully lost the pounds they wanted to get rid of, they are likely to gain it all right back. To lose body fat and to maintain an ideal weight it is necessary to pay close attention to the specific types of foods that are included in your diet. Food items that are crammed full of fat and carbohydrates have to be avoided. The same is true for foods and beverages that contain large amounts of sugar.
There are several websites online that give detailed information on foods that will not pack on the pounds. They also contain information in regards to items that contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. The idea is to replace junk food items with healthier foods that will supply you with a lot of nutrition. While it may take a bit of time to get used to eating differently, once you see these are changes will help you lose weight fast, it will become like second nature to only select items that are good for you. Drinking adequate amounts of water each and every day is also a vital part of shedding the pounds and remaining healthy at the same time.


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June 23, 2011
stop binge eating

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stress eating

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stop overeating

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overcoming emotional eating

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June 15, 2011
stop overeating

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Emotional Eating – Tips for Better Emotional Wellbeing

June 13, 2011
emotional eating

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Emotional Eating Definition – When Food Becomes Harmful

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emotional overeating

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Emotional Eating – Stress Management Tactics That Can Help

June 9, 2011
emotional eating

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